Channel 45



WJAK, Ch. 45 (later WCAR) was a local, non-affiliated, and totally inept station, based on WNEW and WPIX as they were in 1968-71. It ran edited-down versions of supposedly former ACD and BEC shows (which often bore imaginary production dates to create the illusion that these really were old shows, not ones made specifically for Ch.45), as well as "original" programming. It was known for its off-the-wall editorials like the Christian DuBrane (actually, Doherty) rant against advertising on garbage cans.

Listen to a complete broadcast day:

T.H.E. Hick
Hick suspects that an old Greek woman is a Communist. Hick: Marty Phillips.

Channel 45 Editorial
Christian DuBrane on garbage can advertising.

Mysterious Adventures
Grandma (Louise Sorel) seeks revenge on men who betrayed her in a bank job years before. Oliver: Tom Soter.

The Fanatic
While searching for the lost city of fanatics, the falsetto-pitched freak (Tom Sinclair) meets Christian Doherty who is vacationing in Hawaii. Dicky: Tom Soter. Christian Doherty: Himself.

Magian of the Hills
Magian is kidnapped and Billy is threatened with execution. Magian: Patrick Johnson. Billy: Joseph Barlotta.

Robbie becomes a fruit vendor – for two different people. Robbie: Ron Nielsen.

Joe Agent of V.A.T.
Joe faces "The Deadly Madman" when the agent is left as the sole guardian of V.A.T. headquarters. Joe: Tom Soter. Corp: Tom Sinclair.

Saly Place
Saly Place, Pt. 2
In the conclusion of "Spook in the Woods," Alan and Emily encounter strange goings-on in a weird forest. Alan: Christian Doherty.

Street Kid
Sam and Jack have a run-in with Danny. Sam: Sam Rosen. Jack: Jack Rosen.

Dows puts his trust in a suspicious news vendor, who may have contacted Capt. Smith. Dows: Ron Neilsen.